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My Newest Project: The Vincent Cichowicz Long Tone Studies

Last July I finally decided to take some action on a project that had gone through my head several times over the years.  I called Michael Cichowicz, son of the legendary trumpeter Vincent Cichowicz, and discussed with him the possibility of publishing his father's Long Tone Studies in a book.  Michael was very open to the idea.  We talked for a while about how this could happen, what would be in the book and who would publish it.  Finally I am happy to say we are finished with this project and we think the trumpet community world wide will be pleased with the results.  I wanted to take the time here to explain how and why we did this book and the issues we dealt with in putting it together. Read More...

My Love-Hate Relationship with iTunes and YouTube

I love Itunes and youtube.  Sorta.  I think they are both great.   I love that I can carry my little ipod and have my entire CD collection on one small device.  It's great how I can make a playlists and make CD's for students. I love how easy it is for me to listen to a concert that I have downloaded and listen to it as I walk the dog or do the dishes. On youtube I love how I can see tons of videos of great players like Timofei Dokshizer and Maurice Andre that I was never able to see before the existence of youtube.  I have see concerts of all types, free of charge, anytime I want.

So why the hate?